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We have extensive experience in connecting job seekers (job candidates) with employers seeking employees for their companies.

We focus on connecting candidates compatible with the needs of companies and companies compatible with the skills of the candidates.

The Centro de Reclutamiento Empresarial led by Lic. Sonia Chavarria Garza in northeastern Mexico, based in the border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, has supported the industry for over twenty five years with more than 20,000 vacancies requested.

Our Recruitment and Selection Services of Trusted Personnel, at all levels, allows Employers to hire highly qualified personnel whether high executives, medium/technical levels or assistants that meet the necessary characteristics for the requirements of your company.

… And for people who are searching for a suitable job according to their skills and experience, we have a wide job market always available with the best employment opportunities. We select the ideal candidate to companies for which we give our Selection and Recruitment services.

You can be an ideal candidate for some of the Companies which we give our recruitment and selection services.

Whether you are an Employer or a Candidate, you’ll receive our professionalism and experience of more than twenty five years of successful work in the labor relationships area.